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My Approach

With Openness

I am open to where the process of therapy takes us.  It is important to me to join you where you are, who you are, and what you value.  In this meeting place, we talk, make meaning, and integrate the awareness that we uncover.


Embracing "Imperfection"

I find beauty in finding the "imperfect" us. (Confined by quotes, because the word is often defined for us by others). As we learn to look at these "imperfections" together, and their origins, we will discover new freedoms to be yourself, and NOT strive for "perfection."


With Compassion

I work with you to quiet the often harsh, critical, and judgmental voices we have internalized.  I get that. I want to respect that voice and hold it with compassion because, after all, it has helped to carry this voice.  In therapy, we can quiet the voice to nourish the other parts of yourself.

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