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Who I work with:

I work with people who need a safe space to process their experience.Those who want help understanding why they feel the way they do.Those who want to gain insight and acceptance into their own identities.Those who want to dive in deeper to understand root causes of their behaviors. Those who want to move forward with their life goals and live a freer and more meaningful life​

The way I work to get you there:

I am an insight oriented psychodynamic therapist.  What this means is that I work with you to find deeper understanding and awareness of why you do what you do and give you the opportunity to help you rework some of those early patterns. I believe that most psychological problems (like depression, anxiety, relationship distress) are connected to early and important relationships. Healing these problems happens in relationship with a committed and well-trained therapist. These problems did not just happen out of the blue, so the work may take time, but change that occurs through this kind of work is long lasting and deeply meaningful.  The therapy I offer is highly personal and involves interventions tailored to your needs.

What to expect:

At our initial free phone consult we will determine if this is a good fit. To put it another way, do you feel comfortable talking with me?

If YES... we can schedule sessions at this point. I generally schedule sessions to see you weekly. Before the first session, I will send you further information on how to connect to the video platform along with other forms for you to review.


If you DO NOT feel comfortable with me...NO HARD FEELINGS! It is MORE important that you get the help that you need. We can talk about referral sources that may better serve your needs.

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