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Joining a psychotherapy group is a life-changing decision. It is connecting, exciting, challenging, scary, and inspiring all at the same time.  

I offer an ongoing interpersonal process group for people who desire to live a fuller and more meaningfully connected life without the invalidation, minimization, and dismissal that often creeps in subtly into our experience.   

Who can benefit from Group Therapy? 

Those who want to optimize their relationships but notice being stuck in the same kind of relational pattern that is driven by all kinds of reasons such as...  

  • anxiety and/or depression whether it's social anxiety that keeps you from relating with others in an authentic way or sadness that feels isolating;

  • a need to feel safe and secure that leads you to become more passive, or taking a role as a caretaker, in order not to burden others;  

  • a desire for connection that requires you to expend too much energy that leads to resentment;  

  • protecting yourself from pain that makes you keep people at arm's length despite the loneliness that you feel inside; etc.

How Does Group Therapy Help?

These same patterns that we see in our everyday lives also occur in group.  What makes group effective and different from everyday life is the confidential, safe, space that is provided in which the group is there to help you  

understand these patterns:  

  • what these patterns may be

  • how/why these patterns emerge  


so that you can now have the choice to change it.  

The Process

This process takes time and commitment as these relational patterns did not emerge overnight.  

Some have reported that being in group therapy for a few months had been more effective for them than 5 years of individual therapy.  


This can certainly come about because there are more people to not only provide feedback and support but also more people who bring out different sides of you that may not be experienced by your individual therapist.   

The Result?...Change

I have often received feedback from groups I have run that group therapy has been a rich connecting experience.  But as the saying goes, it feels worse before it feels better and group therapy is no exception.  

Group therapy does get difficult at times because this mode of therapy often mirrors parts of oneself that have felt stuck or shameful or hopeless or often invalidated by self and others.  

However, as the dynamic process of group therapy continues, those stuck places begin to feel less sticky, the shame begins to feel less shameful, hope begins to emerge, and the group begins to validate those parts of you which then makes you feel brave enough to validate yourself.  

Group Therapy Offerings

S.E.L.F Care Group
A group for hard-working people needing to focus on their mental health. 

In this group, you will:

Support and offer feedback

Experiment with new interpersonal behaviors

Learn to communicate effectively

Find a safe space to talk honestly and directly about feelings

Life gets busy and demanding. Despite your best intentions to stay balanced, healthy and grounded to your own values, you find yourself putting everyone else’s needs first only to be dropped off the priority list.  Let’s get you back on that priority list! 


Where: In-person in San Mateo.  


When: TBD (Contact me for start date)

Cost: $100 per session, sliding scale available

Group therapy consultation meetings required before beginning in group.

(This group is capped at 8 people to allow for meaningful interactions and opportunities.)

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