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Recharge    Restore    Reconnect

Therapy for Hardworking
Women of Color

You've been working so hard to take care of others (or get tasked to take care of others) that you've lost sight of ...YOU!

You've been experiencing something that you can't put your finger on... all you know is that your body is reacting to stress, sadness, anxiety, maybe anger?   And it's keeping you from moving forward, let alone, thriving in life. 

That's where therapy can help.

Let's Chat!

My Approach

In therapy, we'll work together to figure out what you're feeling and why you feel the way you do. We may uncover painful experiences that you've had to hold onto, grieve losses together, and address triggers with compassion. Most importantly, we'll work towards re-connecting you with your own voice and values.

About me

Hi, I’m Dr. Eunice Song. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY30431) but you might also call me a therapist, counselor, or a trained guide into one’s internal world or what some might call “the unconscious”.

Therapy Sessions



For those who need a safe place to explore, navigate transitions, and discover their voice



For couples looking to re-engage, heal, and grow



For those looking for a supportive community and overcome challenges together.

Schedule a Free Consultation

You may feel guilty to invest in yourself or that others don't think you need it. However, it's important to remember that your needs, desires, and voice are enough.

Don't let the feeling of being numb or on the verge of tears control your life any longer. Contact me today and let's start your journey to recharge, restore, and reconnect.

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